Thursday, May 31, 2012

Camerawork : fondness for pictures

I am no photographer. Not a bit. But I like pictures. A lot. I don't know. They seem to let you in into something that's far away and magical and yet you're here, with feet on the very ground you're standing on. Trying hard as I am, try to take photos whenever I get the chance. I try to take good shots albeit most of the time it's a fail, hehe. Okay, the operative is try. I believe there's not much harm in trying. :))

I had this chance to hang around the plaza this afternoon while waiting for something. I sat beside this lady who I'm not sure if she preferred to be alone on the bench or not. I suppose it was okay for her since I get to sit beside her for a couple minutes. Then I started trying.

Ha-ha! Okay, I really think there's something wrong with this one. I like that reaction on the boy-in-a-blue-shirt's face though. :)

I remember seeing a photo like this on Tumblr. Joined the bandwagon, apparently.

Happy feeet!
I have been going to places lately and I'm glad to know more streets in GenSan because I'm a noob like that. Back in high school, I didn't know places. Thankfully, I do now.

In other news (and in reality), I am really planning to write about something else, like four other something-else's. But since I have not organized my words yet, I ended up showing a bunch of my "photography attempts". LOL!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Some sort of an update and practice

 I was able to see my college pals last week. :) It was quite an an adventure going to Joh's place at Tupi. We had some sort of hard time going to their actual house since we were not at all familiar with the place. Later on, Ron-ron showed us the "short cut" which is actually the road that we shoud've taken. I prefer the longer route though because it was nice. Hehe. :) It was such a treat to see them again - the first time again after several months. Ellen even went all the way from Surallah. I am looking forward to the next! 

This week and the next week will be eventful weeks. (I have this thing for noting events on particular days and/or weeks. ) I have been working on an event together withe a friend and we are so hoping that this would be a successful one especially that this is the first of its kind she has handled. :) I have been making rounds which is tiring but fun. I am meeting people and doing things that are new to me. 

I am also into lots of reading lately. Er, blog-reading, that is. There had been so many good reads around the world wide web lately and being the internet bum that I can be, I have spending time reading them - boon and a bane, srsly. Good thing is my passion for writing has been fueled again (which reminds me of the work that I have to do, hehe). The opposite bad thing is I have been always in front of the monitor. I am actually excited about the former I just hope that I would keep up the enthusiasm for a looooong time. 

New notes to fill!

I am also looking forward to reading more fiction. 
And to more note-taking. 

This hasn't been all but I'm sparing the other awesomeness on other posts. Hehe. :)
 Let me leave you with this which also a note to self for today and the days to come. 

Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not  see.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A rundown of things

For the past weeks, I have discovered myself new interests. Well, they're not really new since they are things that I have been liking since who-knows-when. It's just that my interest for these things have become more profound.  These things include: mails, pretty art stuff that artists do, fiction books (because contrary to popular belief, I have not been really into fiction), (should i still say) blogs (I have been discovering lots of wonderful ones that I'm planning to do a post featuring them), and writing.

Aaah, the influence of media. But really, I have been getting lots from the blogs that I have read and thankful that my above mentioned interests have been made more available through the world wide web. Speaking of blogs, there are so good write-ups to read that I suddenly wanted a tab or something. Thankfully, my phone has a file reader that I have been copy + pasting them onto Word so I can save them. And read them anywhere, anytime. :)

I also have been trying to write again so forgive the long, seemingly nonsensical words streaming down this blog. I seem to give myself a warm-up. I have a couple of ideas in my mind - and my notebook - waiting to be published. Hopefully I can sit down again like this soon. Hopefully. Soon.

Here's a rundown of things that made awesome sense to me lately:
  • the awesome event that was LifeMixx Convergence. I, and the many others, was really blessed with Yeng's (yes, the pop-rock princess) testimony;
  • the amazing workshop culmination that was  Life Academy recital. Guess what, we're season 6 this year!! Akalain mo nga naman. Parang kelan lang. I cannot help but be amazed by God's faithfulness seeing that this workshop is still on today (and next year, and the next year, and the next year...).Of course, hurray to the teachers, director/s, Life coaches;
  • the reunion of mi college barkada - had quite an adventure going to Joh's place. This was the first time that we were complete after graduation :);
  • the write-ups that I have read online;
  • the reconnection I had with friends; and 
  • the interesting people, conversations, circumstances that I had encountered during my rounds. :)
Grateful. :)
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