Thursday, May 31, 2012

Camerawork : fondness for pictures

I am no photographer. Not a bit. But I like pictures. A lot. I don't know. They seem to let you in into something that's far away and magical and yet you're here, with feet on the very ground you're standing on. Trying hard as I am, try to take photos whenever I get the chance. I try to take good shots albeit most of the time it's a fail, hehe. Okay, the operative is try. I believe there's not much harm in trying. :))

I had this chance to hang around the plaza this afternoon while waiting for something. I sat beside this lady who I'm not sure if she preferred to be alone on the bench or not. I suppose it was okay for her since I get to sit beside her for a couple minutes. Then I started trying.

Ha-ha! Okay, I really think there's something wrong with this one. I like that reaction on the boy-in-a-blue-shirt's face though. :)

I remember seeing a photo like this on Tumblr. Joined the bandwagon, apparently.

Happy feeet!
I have been going to places lately and I'm glad to know more streets in GenSan because I'm a noob like that. Back in high school, I didn't know places. Thankfully, I do now.

In other news (and in reality), I am really planning to write about something else, like four other something-else's. But since I have not organized my words yet, I ended up showing a bunch of my "photography attempts". LOL!

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