Friday, December 30, 2011

Thirtieth aka promosyon

One of my college classmates planned a meet-up several weeks ago. The plan was to really get the portfolios from our former prof's house and at the same time spend some time there. Fast forward this week, our prof agreed to have us! This is really something (at least, for me) since (it seems to me that) she's kind of a private person. Hehe. But she was really nice to let us in! :))

 It was a nice house that we couldn't help taking pictures! We brought some food to share over convo. Some played a little with the piano. :)  And they tried belly-dancing! Ha-ha! How was that for a visit?! Had it been earlier, we could've watched a movie! Apparently, there were only a few of us. Few as in seven. Ha-ha! Others weren't able to come because of other appointments. (We'll try better with the organizing next time. :)) It was fun, though. Personally, it was a privilege to be spending some time our at former prof's residence, not to mention she's really one of the people I (we) admire in the academe. And we get to meet her soon-to-be-geologist daughter whom she had told us stories about back in college. Well, syempre na-starstruck na naman ako. Ha-ha!

While the others are taking pictures, I cannot help look at these
 I just love publications from LIFE. Seeing sister publications of the now-defunct LIFE magazine excites me!! :)) There were other good reads, too! I wanna go back there and borrow some! Ha-ha! We took more pictures, talked about the future, and listened to words of wisdom. Such an experience. 
 The mall was, I think, the next destination in mind. But because of the portfolios which are somewhat Breaking Dawn-thick, and of some other appointments, we just parted ways. Not me and Mel, though. XD! I accompanied her to the mall and we just took a stroll. And devoured this
 Melody! Bakit ba tayo walang picture?!  Ha-ha!

Monday, December 19, 2011

The almost year-end post

I have so many things, persons, events, and everything to be thankful for this year but this ain't the post for that. Not yet. But this is one of them, to say.

I stayed at Davao for two days for the license registration. Thankfully, I'm done with it and finished the whole process in a breeze. At least, early enough to catch lunch. A one-day thing turned to be an overnight stay because my college classmates and I wanted to line up the earliest possible time at PRC. Read: 5am :)

Nothing fancy this time. We took the night off at a boarding house to save. :)) I missed the whole wi-fi thing at FTC Towers but it was just fine. We just headed straight to our business, ate lunch at Penong's, rested for a while and headed back home. Really nothing fancy since the day's really tiring and everyone else (yes, so including me) has to catch up with something back home. :) We enjoyed this ride to the boarding house because the PUV is new to us. The terrain also is amusing! We acted like kids! Ha-ha!)

It was also my first time to eat at Penong's. I'm Chacha Loser for not having pictures of the food :(...but definitely, it's something you shouldn't miss when going to Davao. Think Mang Inasal sincerely Davao :).

I enjoyed the streets of Davao because of its busyness. ;) I don't know I have this thing for busy streets and traffic is nice (somehow) because it gives you time to take shots! Hehe. I'm not good at taking pictures though. I'm working at it :))

 I like this trip because Bonamine did work on me or shall I say, my system finally accepted Bonamine and saved me from a lot of (gross) hassle. And they played Three Idiots on the bus. Laugh and cry at the same time :)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Ooops! I ain't fashion blogger. But I have been reading several for some time now. And all these are getting into me. Boon and bane. Boon in a sense that I an learning how to dress-up and style even just a bit. It's a bane because it's really getting into me. 

I've been this lately, trying to come up with something more than the shirt + jeans that I used to be in for four years. Well, it's been shirt and jeans still but the shirt has some style now, being flow-y and all that. Plus, I'm into boyfriend jeans lately (I just folded the bottom of this one). And the shoes. I'm not yet ready with heels so I opted to have this one from Primadonna I like that despite their wide array of heels, platforms, and wedges, they have these flats and shoes that are not really that feminine. :) Albeit I'd like to wear the heels someday. :)) 

Apparently,I'm thinking of ensembles to wear so I'd look a bit more professional. Ha-ha! 

What you feed yourself is what will come out of you. | paraphrased from  somewhere

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