Saturday, February 25, 2012

Keep calm, yes keep calm

I am a panicky person.

I don't know. It's really obvious when I'm bothered by something because I get clumsy and all. That is why it is quite hard for me to keep calm. Ironically though, back in high school, I believed I was "calm" because I don't get shaky nervous whenever I join contests. I get "numbed", I'd like to quip, of nervousness. Oh well, I have learned that there are more nakaka-pressure circumstances in life than contests. Ha-ha! Now, I get it. Maybe the reason why I had that belief about myself is that because contests were the few things that were my life back then. Apparently, it's way different today. And I am thankful that I am exposed to such things.

It's a happy thing to know that you're learning. Even if oftentimes it's hard, we just have to do it, you know. As it is often true, those of worth are the hardest to work on. Ok, so back to the "panic". It has been always my prayer not to get out of any situation without learning anything. And I am praying the same today. I am praying to continually learn to keep calm and carry on and make it to that day when panic is not anymore in my vocabulary. ;)

And the picture? I edited it to make it my phone's wallpaper to remind to Keep Calm and Carry On. Better yet, to Keep Calm and Pray. :)

Still - Hillsong United

p.s Wait, I should be working on something else!! Ha-ha!

Friday, February 10, 2012


It's been a while and boom! it's February. Something's with this month; I realized that just as of this writing. True enough, this has been a roller coaster month so far. I suddenly am having paperwork to do (aside from my pending work which I have to update like NOW!). I like how things are going with regards to this writing. It is a bit "scary" for me being a noob but I like the fact that I am learning from this experience:)

 Meanwhile, love month is on. Sure that's one primary reason why everyone's excited. As for me, I have been learning much from Lifemixx. Lalalove, indeed. But that would be another entry, about the whole love thing.
What I'm really trying to point out is that while everyone's all over Valentine's, Generals are buzzing over Kalilangan.

You see, this is one of the biggest festivals of the city and I am happy to announce that they actually came up with lots of activities this year, considering that the events started today when the festival opening is still on the 21st.

I haven't really attended the festivities full-time, by which I mean I only catch up with the street dancing thing - something I started doing just two years ago. I do hope to participate more. In fairness, gumagala na rin ako sa plaza tuwing Pebrero. :)) AND yes! I do hope you'll participate, too! :)

Here's the link to the schedule of activities for you to check out!
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