Thursday, March 15, 2012

Weeks and weeks

Let's keep this thing alive, shall we? ;)

It was another loaded week last week. A good kind of loaded. As I would always quip, it's better than bumming around. Anyhow, I did lots of things for mi tutorials, doing all these reviewers and things like that since it's exam season and everyone knows how a busy season it is for teachers, tutors. And tiring it is, it had been helpful as I look for more ways on how to make these kids learn those lessons. :)

Sadly, this busyness made me miss doing things like this. Well, honestly, most of the time, all the thoughts are just stuck in my head. Hehe. Thankfully, instead of staring on a blank screen, I blog-hopped and found some awesome new blogs to follow and read. :) (I'll make a post on this/them some time soon. *cross fingers*) Really stoked about my new finds. Yes, yes, the internet is a good thing in the first place. Hehe. Made me want to do more with my craft. :)


Hmm, on a semi-related note, I'll leave you with this one in lieu of missed February posts and that supposed entry about love which I will be writing someday. I'm just not sure when, though. Coolio video. ♥
Boom! I don't know  why the video won't upload. You can click on the title/link instead:)
Video by (c) Anthony Enrile.

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