Monday, July 2, 2012

The day past the draft

So, that was a blog hiatus when in fact I have been into the web last month. :(
But here I am again also because it's July - the birthday month.:))

The past month was like riding in a subway train that's passing the tunnel - thrilling, weird, a bit scary, puzzling, nice. Post graduation blues, I guess. Ha-ha! Okay, for the record, I'm not trying to sound emo here! I just want to use those words! lol. It was an interesting phase, I must say. And despite the "darkness" of the tunnel, I can't help thanking God for the brighter world ahead! :)

After a few weeks of poring over ThoughtCatalog, reading blogs and e-books, watching movies, not to mention hanging out on Twitter, I resumed doing tutorials and paper works. My days suddenly went loaded. Thankfully, I still have some vacant time left. I also had gained a new perspective of life and how things go and who and what really matters.

In other news..

Yeheyy for a new baby! It's an addition to my subconsciously, unintentional growing collection. Hehe! It was good timing seeing this since my last note already ran out of pages that day I bought it (which is like just two days ago).


  Some of my college pals and I went to Tupi for baby Jethro's christening. It was my second time to go to their place and it would really be nice to go back. To Myrick and Edrin, alam na! lol

Myk,Ellyn,Joh w/ baby Jethro, Edrin, Mel, Myrick, me-whatever my reaction is. Ha-ha!

And this is just really because I miss my high school pals. This was what we call our barkada. The word was just sort of stuck, thanks to Art and his vocabulary.

Soigne Group of Companies. Ha-ha!

And oh, about the aforementioned  'tunnel', tunnels are never really looooooong...and if ever they are, you can always get out. So let's move on. :)

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