Monday, December 19, 2011

The almost year-end post

I have so many things, persons, events, and everything to be thankful for this year but this ain't the post for that. Not yet. But this is one of them, to say.

I stayed at Davao for two days for the license registration. Thankfully, I'm done with it and finished the whole process in a breeze. At least, early enough to catch lunch. A one-day thing turned to be an overnight stay because my college classmates and I wanted to line up the earliest possible time at PRC. Read: 5am :)

Nothing fancy this time. We took the night off at a boarding house to save. :)) I missed the whole wi-fi thing at FTC Towers but it was just fine. We just headed straight to our business, ate lunch at Penong's, rested for a while and headed back home. Really nothing fancy since the day's really tiring and everyone else (yes, so including me) has to catch up with something back home. :) We enjoyed this ride to the boarding house because the PUV is new to us. The terrain also is amusing! We acted like kids! Ha-ha!)

It was also my first time to eat at Penong's. I'm Chacha Loser for not having pictures of the food :(...but definitely, it's something you shouldn't miss when going to Davao. Think Mang Inasal sincerely Davao :).

I enjoyed the streets of Davao because of its busyness. ;) I don't know I have this thing for busy streets and traffic is nice (somehow) because it gives you time to take shots! Hehe. I'm not good at taking pictures though. I'm working at it :))

 I like this trip because Bonamine did work on me or shall I say, my system finally accepted Bonamine and saved me from a lot of (gross) hassle. And they played Three Idiots on the bus. Laugh and cry at the same time :)

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