Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Ooops! I ain't fashion blogger. But I have been reading several for some time now. And all these are getting into me. Boon and bane. Boon in a sense that I an learning how to dress-up and style even just a bit. It's a bane because it's really getting into me. 

I've been this lately, trying to come up with something more than the shirt + jeans that I used to be in for four years. Well, it's been shirt and jeans still but the shirt has some style now, being flow-y and all that. Plus, I'm into boyfriend jeans lately (I just folded the bottom of this one). And the shoes. I'm not yet ready with heels so I opted to have this one from Primadonna I like that despite their wide array of heels, platforms, and wedges, they have these flats and shoes that are not really that feminine. :) Albeit I'd like to wear the heels someday. :)) 

Apparently,I'm thinking of ensembles to wear so I'd look a bit more professional. Ha-ha! 

What you feed yourself is what will come out of you. | paraphrased from  somewhere

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