Friday, August 17, 2012

Snippets and little things

Apparently, the birthday post did not happen. Hah! Talk about plans. O_O
This comes in instead...
Or maybe, I just want to say again how sad I am not to be able to actually purchase the camera I have been eyeing for almost two months until last week. Someone was able to buy it before I did. I have been trying to get my hands on a film camera because 1) I kind of miss film, 2) I want to take pictures again - and I want to try it with film, and lastly,  3) I just want (read: also, influence of photos I look at in the Internet). Hehe. I am again scouring for another camera... Let's see where this takes me.

Also, I have been doing some Index-card-a-day attempts since last month. I am officially hooked to collages and crafting. Well, this is not really something new but it's just now that I am really able to do these things.
Blurry pic is blurry as they are just taken by my phone. Some will have to go as I am thinking of sending them to (future) mail pals. :)

Career-wise, I am still waiting but at the same time doing my tutorials and paper works. I then realized that I have to really spend time thinking and praying about this as the year is almost ending. Keep your hopes high, Roma. :)

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