Saturday, August 18, 2012

Bask in music: childhood dreams

     Saturday night was some sort of a rush. After convincing and 'un-convincing' myself, I gave in. I went to the TanduayFirst5 concert to hear Rico Blanco. lol. So, yeah I'm a fan(!) and was really thrilled upon knowing that he's included in this year's roster of artists. I seldom go out and it was my first time to go to the T5 event (after not going last year despite the ticket I already did have). I was thinking of not going...but I'm a ride away from a childhood dream. (Ha-ha! Fan mode kung fan mode!) Thanks to my Mama for letting me go out. :D 

trying to squeeze in :)
     One thing that made this sort of memorable (aside from Rico Blanco, of course) is the fact that I went there by myself. I was to meet my sister but since it's hard for her to squeeze out and squeeze in again, I braved the crowd myself. Hihi. It was my first T5 event so I really didn't know what to expect. Thankfully, it wasn't really a very wild crowd. Also, I learned how to push my way to the front. He-he. 

Kamikazee, Parokya ni Edgar.
     It was also a thrill to be around with fellow fans. I think I could just observe for the most part! At one point, I felt it's a shame that I don't know they lyrics to all of Wolfgang and to some of Kamikazee. Ha-ha! It was really nice to see them fans singing to every line and even requesting songs. The crowd went wild when Wolfgang finally played Halik ni Hudas. Again, it must have been a very good song by the looks of the crowd. 

Blurry pics are blurry
      And yes, it was very nice to see Parokya ni Edgar and Rico Blanco on the same stage! 

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