Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Summer Sunshine

Hoorah! Before I know it, it's already April-and summer- leaving March with only one entry.
Anyways, a quick update.

I actually have a pending post but since it's quite too late after the announcement I'd be ranting about it once the project starts.

I'm into work lately. I like that I'm learning different kinds of things-and terminologies-out of this one. Plus, I'm discovering things about myself, too.
>I cannot seem to keep up with office work. I've known this since the last time I tried. I wonder when will I get the hang out of it. I guess office work plus field is okay. So far, not beyond three days.
>I can't seem to last staying in one exact place all the time. :( I'm glad that teaching requires movement. Hehe:))
>And, I can make myself not go uber dizzy (read: worst case scenario) on a trip by land -if I just really try hard...But I'm silent most of the time.
It's a green field out there, really.

Next week would be a pretty packed schedule.

On a different note, I am just so excited about this mailing thing. You see, I received a postcard yesterday from a postcard project that I joined in. (I'll be posting about it soon.) There's thrill in receiving those envelopes, especially for a letterwriting-person like me!:)) I'm excited to mail (and receive!) stuff from other sides of the world!

I'd love to post a photo but I can't just yet.
So I'd be posting this instead... honor of graduation rites.

 Congratulations Batch 2012! The world's a great place. Enjoy! :)

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