Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mail love affair

Since the week I received these , my interest for mail and anything sent from courier grew. It's one of my kind of "nice surprise". The catalog, the planner, and now the notebook we purchased from SheenaLovesSunsets. They're really nice with the verse and drawings on them. I've been eyeing them since and because someone gave me some money as a treat for passing, my sister and i ordered some. :) 

Choosing took me some time, ha-ha! because everything was pretty! I would have wanted the black one but settled for this instead.(Next time uli.) See the verse? It's a great reminder that there is actually (even if sometimes, or most of the time for some, we think there isn't)  SOMEONE we can call upon. The verse says it all :) These little things had been making me happy. I'm a sucker for notebooks, you know. And pens, too. I got myself fancy pens from Pinkbox and gave in to some Angry Birds pen. XD But these pens are a different story. :)

 I also joined this mailing thing of a favorite blogger of mine. I sent just a little something. What thrilled me is that it's just my second time to mail something! Do it the post-office-way! :)) I still think snail mails are one of the sweetest things in the world. I'm excited for more to come of these mails and packages! :))

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