Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I can't exactly remember what I did on this same day last year. All I know is that I was busy preparing for summer classes. but whatever it was, I cannot remember because this year has given me something new. Something new that even the feeling is entirely strange. Strange yet i have learned to embrace it.
I stare at the empty path, now clear from the hush and rush of college life. I hear goodbyes from the other side. It has been another grueling journey yet smiles paint our faces. In truth, we still await for the numbers that define our academics. In truth, I am uncertain of what' to come. but I felt a sense of gratitude and happiness seeing that we had passed another another span of time they call semester. I feel thankful because God's love and grace is unfailing, sustaining us through all through out.
I stare down at the empty path and I'm thankful of all that have transpired.

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