Tuesday, March 16, 2010

akala mo lang wala! pero meron! meron!!

(sinampal ng ina ang anak)
(tulala ang anak)
(natigilan ang dalawa)
(hinihingal ang dalawa)

and the scene goes on...and remembered forever. at least for batang '90s and everyone else who has seen that seemingly immortal scene on film and on TV replays later on. Admit it, that scene between Vilma Santos and Carlo Aquino in "Bata, Bata Paano Ka Ginawa" was epic. And that was no easy scene. Who says it's easy being slapped in the face? More so if you are to act as someone very far from the real you. In our case, to act as a Greek in the ancient times is so much effort. I don't know, perhaps, and I'm quite sure, we were really not able to act as Greek as possible. But we did a great job! Clad in our Greek costumes-royal robes and all-we somehow felt as if we're not in the mini-theater but somewhere in the palace hearing the King speak and throw orders. And after three days, the magic is over. We're back to junior students working on piles of other requirements. Yet, the experience we carried on with us.
Everything was really tiring. I can still remember us grumbling how shameful it would be to act in front of so many people. But hey! I bet everyone's missing the mini-theater and the practice. :D The whole thing also made us discover and unleash the acting skills we had. We even had the chance to experience more of each other, spend time with each other more... Sure it was not all fun (yes, the yells we received, the issues raised, the so-called 'bad experiences')but everything is worth remembering. More so, I'm pretty sure in one way or another, we have learned things from the production. Plus, camaraderie was one thing. :)


~she shows her father's spirit, a stubborn spirit. foolish not to give way when everything is against her-woman 1

thanks to everyone who watched and to all our sponsors. without you, we could have not pushed through with this play. even with the ones who made our costumes, thank you so much because you accepted the work even if it was rush. :) godbless!

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  1. .huhuhuh..mkahilak man sad tag lata ani romzkie..huhu...gani man!!! it's worth remembering...T_T


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